Find out how the Assembly of Madrid works, which are its basic functions, competencies and official symbols.


What is the Assembly of Madrid?

It is one of the three self-government institutions of the Madrid Community, besides the Community Presidency and the Community Government.

It is the one which performs the Legislative Power of the Community.

It is one of the nineteen legislative chambers in Spain (Congress of Deputies, Senate and the Parliaments of the Autonomous Communities).

It is the institution that represents the citizens of the Community of Madrid, as it is elected by its citizens in the Elections to the Assembly through universal, free, equal, direct and secret suffrage, according to proportional representation criteria.

It is the second largest autonomous legislative Assembly, behind Parliament of Catalonia.

Diputados por Parlamento

The number of Deputies is variable, determining the figure for each Legislature under the rule: one Deputy for every 50.000 inhabitants or fraction greater than 25.000, according to the updated census population data.

It is one of the Spanish legislative chambers with the greatest parliamentary activity.

It is a Parliament, and as such it has its own Parliamentary Administration. In addition, it is the most transparent Parliament of all Spanish Parliaments.

Which are the symbols of the Assembly?

The symbols of the Assembly are two: the shield and the corporate logo.

Escudo de la Asamblea

The shield of the Assembly of Madrid

Its use is reserved for official acts and documentation and internal official writings.

It is regulated by law.

The shield of the Assembly of Madrid is formed by a single barracks of gules and two paired castles of gold, crenellated, donated, cleared of azure and masonry of saber, mounted on the head by seven silver stars, placed four and three. At the doorbell, a royal crown, closed, which is a circle of gold set with precious stones, composed of eight florins of acanthus leaves, five visible, interpolated with pearls and whose leaves come out of diadems summed with pearls, which converge in a world of azure, with the semimeridian and the gold equator, added by the gold cross. The crown, lined with gules.
Under the Shield is the legend of the Institution.

The Assembly logo

The logo of Assembly of Madrid was approved by an Agreement of the Bureau within the corporate image of the Institution. It presents a more modern image. There are several models depending on the position of the legend of the Institution.

Its use is reserved for external acts.

logo Asamblea Tipo 1


logo Asamblea Tipo 2

logo Asamblea Tipo 3