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How to surf the Website

The Website of the Assembly of Madrid consists of a number of pages with a consistent layout.

The different parts included in each page as well as their functions in the Website are explained below.



  1. Header: the header is visible in all the web pages. It includes the main menu through which the principal sections of the Website can be accessed. These are the following:
    • Home.
    • What is the Assembly?
    • Parliamentary Activity.
    • Open Assembly.
    • Current events.
    • The President's corner.

      The header will always incluye the following:

    • The Website’s general browser. This browser allows the user at any time to do a search of all the contents and documents contained in the Website.

    • Choice of language: This allows the user to choose either Spanish or English.

    • Links to the Press, Intranet and User Identification: direct access to each of these sections.

    A breadcrumbs menu is also displayed showing the user the steps taken in the search: section, heading, subheading, etc.

  2. Menu in context: este menú ofrece enlaces a todos los apartados que existan en cada una de las secciones del Portal.

  3. Main body: this is the block where the chosen contents are displayed.

  4. Related contents: all the pages included in the Website offer links to pages the contents of which are related to the contents displayed in the main body but which cannot be accessed directly through the menus.

  5. Footer: at the lower end of each page are the links to the following services: help with browsing, terms and conditions of use, map of the site and accessibility. This structure will be the same in each page.

  6. Visit also: this block offer direct access to various particularly relevant parts of the Webiste.

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